Higher Education
Education faces increasing challenges today, with shrinking budgets and increasing responsibilities.
We offer hardware and software technology solutions to help.


Educators face increasing challenges. Professors need to create effective course materials quickly. As budgets continue to shrink, they must use resources responsibly, while safeguarding confidential student and staff information. Simplified Office Solutions offers hardware and software technology solutions for education. These solutions can help streamline workflows, boost collaboration, control expenses, secure student information, improve accessibility, and reduce the environmental impact of printing.

Keep Faculty and Student Information Secure

Education facilities process a lot of secure information, including student grade records and student and staff health and personnel information. Simplified Office Solutions provides practical solutions to help safeguard confidential information from unauthorized access or printing during daily use and at end of life. Protecting information on a device hard drive helps schools with their FERPA and HIPAA compliance. Canon Solutions America offers a variety of HDD security options of particular interest to educational institutions. Education IT administrators can control exactly who is authorized to access, print, copy, scan, or send confidential information. Administrators can require users to authenticate at a device before private information is released for printing. This helps to prevent users, whether knowingly or accidentally, from sending a document or message to the wrong location. With driver-based, serverless, and server-based solutions, there․s less risk of sensitive information being left on output trays.

Solutions That Boost Sustainability and Environmentally Conscious Behavior

Communities expect schools to be a model for environmental responsibility. Simplified Office Solutions is committed to developing technologies that help schools be environmentally conscious. As an ENERGY STAR® partner since 1993, Canon qualified more than 200 products that incorporate original and advanced energy-efficient technologies without compromising features or performance. Elements heat up quickly and print at lower temperatures than before, keeping energy costs down and reducing equipment wait time. The sleep mode feature keeps energy consumption low and scanning takes less energy, too. Secured printing, default duplex printing, and fax forwarding all help to minimize waste. Canon also manufactures smaller, lighter products to keep transportation costs from our facility down. Finally, you can recycle toner cartridges, and if your local community doesn․t take them, Canon has a collection program. We strive to achieve the highest environmental standards.

Reduce Printing Costs for Faculty, Administration, and Students

Facing continued budget cuts, educational institutions must find ways to print more cost-efficiently, better manage printing, and encourage responsible equipment use. Our solutions can help schools lower costs and improve printing efficiency without sacrificing the quality of education.

Simplified Office Solutions can help you keep costs down by capitalizing on just-in-time delivery. Higher learning institutions can produce out-of-print publications when demand warrants, large inventories, short-run volumes, and hard copy documents. When you output documents over multiple channels — using centralized printing at point of need or over the web — you can control the right amount of copies. You save, time, money, and paper.

Simplified Office Solutions provides premium products and services. We can arrange print services to faculty, staff, and students through on-campus print centers that support academics and student organizations.

Boost Accessibility and Improve Productivity for All

The U.S. Government estimates* that approximately 11% of all college students have disabilities. Simplified Office Solutions is committed to boosting productivity for all users, including those with disabilities. Our capabilities give more people access to our devices, allowing faster, easier use. For the visually impaired, we offer voice guidance and operation, concave keys, reversible displays, bright control panels, Braille label kits, and screen-reading software.

For those with limited mobility, Canon products feature an ADF Access Handle to enable a person in a wheelchair to close the feeder from the upright position. Some models also offer flexible control panels, as well as single-button drawer openers and toner doors that open automatically during the replacement process. The control panels tilt for better visibility. Users can change the toner with one hand, too.

*U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics

Create and Distribute Effective Class Materials

Educators devote a significant amount of time preparing assignments and course materials to make classes more engaging and effective. Instructors can scan hard copies, upload them to a digital archive requiring a password, and distribute them via the web. In the process, you cut costs, reduce paper waste, and get materials into students․ hands faster.

With just-in-time delivery, schools can reach busy learners with on-demand printing. You can ensure that the faculty has the most up-to-date materials by always printing the right number of copies when and where needed. With software available from Simplified Office Solutions, you can also accelerate central library searches. Students can specify their output requirements and get the pertinent information they need.